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Kilpack Enterprises: Experience, expertise and excellence in professional communication.  Its biggest strength is that it's multidisciplinary.  With Kilpack Enterprises, you get an ad agency, a marketing firm, a PR firm, a graphics house, a writer, an editor, and the ability to train your employees to take on the tasks being performed by Kilpack Enterprises, and bring them in-house.

The services Kilpack Enterprises provides range from simple layout and design work to reformulating corporate approaches to written communication, including revision of previous materials and establishing new methods to increase effectiveness and reduce cost. Kilpack Enterprises has established new corporate image throughout all media; written business plans and marketing plans; planned marketing strategies (ranging from shelf presence in packaging to Web presence) and successful media strategies, including a winning U.S. Senate campaign, as well as companies ranging from $16 million to $300 million, and businesses receiving Inc. 500, Utah 100, and Entrepreneur of the Year awards.

Kilpack Enterprises is well versed in the Internet, having begun webmastering when the Internet in 1995, when the technology was just beginning to penetrate the corporate realm.  Teaching and training has included formal communication course work at Salt Lake Community College dating back to 1996, employee training in job-specific skills, and development and implementation of distance-learning service packages.






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You are welcome to see what Kilpack Enterprises has accomplished to determine if that experience and expertise is a good fit for you in your professional endeavors.  To request additional information about availability, contact Kilpack Enterprises.


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