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Kilpack Enterprises specializes in writing, in all its various forms.  You need something written, this is the place to get it done.  Following is an overview of writing projects, brown down into Publications, Proposal Writing and Technical Writing.


Following are publications where materials written by William D Kilpack III have appeared.  He is a nationally published and awarded freelance writer with more than 200 freelance publication credits. He ghost wrote lead-in chapter for best selling business book. He has served as editor more than a dozen publications.  More detailed information follows, broken down into three areas: ghost writing, staff positions and freelance.

Ghost Writing

Inside the Minds: the Entrepreneurial Problem Solver, published by Aspatore Executive Business Intelligence, ghost wrote the lead-in chapter, "Life Lessons: Build Your Team of Entrepreneurs."

Staff Positions

Staff positions are broken down into four categories: newsletters, newspapers, magazines, ezines and handbooks.

  • Newsletters

    • Aurora: Editor (Utah Space Association member newsletter)

    • The Awakening Giant: Editor-in-Chief, six-state committee Chairman (Region VII, Order of DeMolay)

    • Bennett For Senate Newsletter: Proofer, Staff Writer (Bennett For U.S. Senate Campaign)

    • The Communicator: Editor, Staff Writer (Glyphics Communications external customer newsletter)

    • ConsumerCompass: Editor, Staff Writer (ConsumersFirst external e-mail newsletter; circulation 775,000)

    • Experior Experience: Editor, Staff Writer (Experior internal company-wide newsletter)

    • The Glyphic: Editor, Staff Writer (Glyphics Communications internal company-wide newsletter)

    • MortgageMinute: Editor, Staff Writer (ConsumersFirst branch of NovaStar Home Mortgage, Inc., external e-mail newsletter; circulation 22,000)

    • Real Estate Quarterly: Editor, Staff Writer (Multiple NAI-Block/Experior Assessments external newsletters for real-estate clients in multiple states)

    • The Right Call: Editor, Staff Writer (J D Services external distributor newsletter)

    • Testament: Co-Editor, Staff Writer (NAI-Block internal company-wide newsletter)

    • USA Financial Focus: Editor, Staff Writer (USA Lending Group professional e-mail newsletter)

    • USA Market Update: Editor, Staff Writer (USA Lending Group e-mail newsletter for finance professionals)

    • USA Money Mentor: Editor, Staff Writer (USA Lending Group customer e-mail newsletter)

    • Utah DeMolay Source: Co-Editor, Staff Writer (Utah State DeMolay Association)

  • Newspapers

    • The Event: Columnist (Salt Lake County Entertainment Periodical)

    • Forum: Editor, Editorial Assistant, Production Assistant, Staff Writer, Staff Photographer (Westminster College of Salt Lake City campus newspaper)

  • Magazines

    • American Adrenaline Magazine: Utah Editor (National wrestling magazine)

    • Wrestling USA Magazine: Utah Editor (National wrestling magazine)

  • Ezines

    • Utah Editor (National online wrestling magazine)

    • Pictures & Stories: Ezine of Literature & Art: Publisher, Editor, Staff Writer (Gutenberg Litegraphic Society)

  • Handbooks

    • ACEC Training and Orientation Manual: Author (S.L. Co. Alcohol Counseling and Education Center)

    • Jurisdictional Officers' Training Handbook: Author, six-state committee Chairman (Region VII, Order of DeMolay)


200-plus publication credits in anthologies, magazines and books, including America at the Millennium; American Collegiate Poetry Anthology; Best Poems of the 20th Century; Best Poems of the 90s; Best Poems of 1997; Best Writers of the Decade; Catalyst; Catholic Forester; Distinguished Poets of America; East and West Literary Quarterly; Ellipsis: Literature & Art; Endless Skies of Blue; Fantastic Adventures; Intele-Card News; L'esprit: Literary/Art Magazine; 9-1-1 Magazine; Nikken Family Magazine; Nocturnal Ecstasy Vampire Coven; PetroMart Business; Pictures & Stories: Ezine of Literature & Art; TeleCard World; Vending Times; The Voice; Wisdom of Our Times; A Writer's Season, and Pioneer Books publications including The New Sci Fi TV and Deep Space: the Voyage Continues.

Proposal Writing

Kilpack Enterprises has produced nearly 200 proposals. The majority of the successful proposals were in response to requests for proposals issued by government agencies seeking to outsource services. The gross income of the proposals that resulted in contract awards was over $20 million (over a 20-month timeframe) for one of the largest testing companies in the country. Government agencies have included city, county and state jurisdictions, as well as several national organizations.

Other proposals were in response to RFPs issued by telecommunications corporations, or have been on behalf of nonprofit organizations seeking funding from government agencies and sponsoring bodies.

Technical Writing

Kilpack Enterprises has produced more than 100 technical documents, ranging from product and software manuals to training and orientation manuals to instruction sheets.  In revising existing technical materials and streamlining printing and production methods, the cost of technical manuals has been reduced for all companies, with a high mark of 33 percent in savings.

The following manuals were written for the TV/radio broadcast market:

The following manuals were written for the audioconferencing conferencing market:

  • AP10 (audioconferencing harware)

  • AP800 (audioconferencing hardware)

  • Conference-On-Demand (audioconferencing service)

  • GT300 (audioconferencing hardware)

  • GT700 (audioconferencing hardware)

  • GT724 (audioconferencing hardware)

  • MPAII (audioconferencing hardware)

  • ET10 (layman audioconferencing hardware)

The following manual was written for the Web conferencing market:

  • Web Presenter (Web conferencing online interface)

The following manuals were written for the assistive listening (ALS) market:

  • TX-37A (ALS harware)

  • SRX (ALS hardware)

  • RX-1A (ALS hardware)

  • RX-6 (ALS hardware)

  • PTX (ALS hardware)

  • BC-10A (ALS hardware)

The following manuals were written for the broadcast remote control market:

  • VRC2000 (broadcast remote control hardware)

  • GSC3000 (broadcast remote control hardware and Windows-compatible software)

  • Site Control Accessories (broadcast remote control hardware)

You are welcome to see what Kilpack Enterprises has accomplished to determine if that experience and expertise is a good fit for you in your professional endeavors.  To request additional information about availability, contact Kilpack Enterprises.


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